Jeremy Basham
Interactive Designer


I enjoy solving digital problems through playful & simple design.


I'm Jeremy Basham... 

A senior interactive designer at Firefli, a digital agency in Roanoke, Virginia. Design has always been an adventure for me. From freelancing to creating an in-store learning experience for a Fortune 500 company. Each day brings new challenges that push me to explore new technologies and techniques. The more I design, the more I discover.

A big part of my process is play. It's ironic that some of the most complex problems can be solved by simply having fun and pushing what's possible. I'm learning to play just long enough until the simple and elegant solution rises to the top. 

A Typical Day

I spend most of my day bridging the gap between strategy and design, drinking lots of coffee and listening to design and business podcasts. I know, Shocking right?

We usually have several projects spinning at once so I can quickly go from thinking about user experience and wireframes to creative direction and animation. But the constant change is what I love the most. 

Always Learning

From 2012 to 2104, I worked at Modea, a digital product studio located in Blacksburg, Virginia.  I was on the product team and operated as the lone designer working with a bunch of crazy software developers! Much like my role now, I spent my time wireframing, testing and designing digital products.

I'm currently pursuing a User Experience Research & Design MicroMasters from the University of Michigan. In early 2014, I graduated with a graduate certificate in interactive design from Minneapolis College of Art & Design. In 2006, I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in resource management and a minor in industrial design. 

Family Time

Faith, family and friends are a big part of my life. Thankfully, my kids and little schnauzer are there to pull me away from my computer to unwind and explore backyard wonders. When I'm not designing you can find me leading music at my church, looking like a fool in the gym, or writing about my adventures in design.


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